Hey loves! I have decided to start a new series on both the blog and with the store called the "Mug of the Month". Each month I'm going to pick a different mug in the store as the special mug! That mug will be featured in most blog posts and several social media photos. It's essentially the star of the show! I will also be regramming and sharing photos from customers featuring the mug of the month. I plan on sharing a little bit extra about the mug history as well... if you're into that sort of thing.

Most importantly? The mug will be on special sale! All of my coffee mugs are normally $17, but the mug of the month will be $15 all month long. You can still use promo codes and sales for a bigger discount if we have one available, but the mug will be at a special price no matter what! I'm excited to share that the August mug of the month is our "Fueled by Coffee and Fashion" mug!

One question I get most often is "how do you come up with you phrases?" or "how do you stay inspired?". I thought that the August mug of the month could be a great way to start sharing that kind of information with you all. Sound good?

Several months ago, I was working on some clothing sketches. It's not a well kept secret that I would someday like to add a fully designed clothing line to this shop. At this point I was on my third cup of coffee, surrounded by fashion magazines and sketches, and talking incredibly fast. I was high on inspiration and could feel the creativity flowing through me. Talking to my boyfriend, I jokingly said "I'm fueled by coffee and fashion". And thus, the new mug was born.

As I said that phrase, I knew the truth of it's words. Yes, it was witty and a quick quip; so it naturally makes for a good mug. But more importantly, it was a great way to describe my life and the things that keep me so creatively inspired. I have always been a large consumer of both coffee and fashion; some would certainly say it fuels me. I long for both and I often feel like I need both to stay creative, happy, and energized. Now, that doesn't mean I have to constantly have new clothes (although... no arguments from me!), but rather I enjoy being around fashion. Whether that's spending quality time with my fellow fashion bloggers, pouring over fashion magazines, or getting carpal tunnel from all the sketching I like to do in preparation for a dream I hope is one day long as I am around fashion. It gives me joy.

So... what did you think of my new 'mug of the month' series? Do you want this to continue into future months?

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