As many of you already know by now, black and white is easily one of my favorite color combinations. There is something so effortless and chic about a full black and white look. Heck, anyone can pull it off! That's part of why I love it so much. And it's often incredibly easy to throw a black and white look together on the fly, and still look chic and well put together.

Black and White Pattern Mix - 7 Black and White Pattern Mix - 5

On Sunday morning, Drew and I found out super last minute that one of his former fraternity brothers from college was in Chicago and leaving later that day. He wanted to meet for 10am. Naturally, this text message request came promptly at 8:30am when we woke up. Crap. Of course we want to go, but now I have to throw together a quick, chic look suitable for brunch and I don't have all day to look at my closet going "I have nothing to wear". That's where black and white looks can save the day.

Black and White Pattern Mix - 6 Black and White Pattern Mix - 3

I knew I wanted to put a black and white look together, but I didn't want it to be boring. Pattern mixing! That will do the trick! I snatched up my favorite polka dotted top and grid skirt and it was off to the It's still ridiculously cold here in Chicago so fleece lined black tights and over the knee boots were an absolute must. By the time we got to brunch, we were actually a couple minutes early! Take that, time!

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Black and White Pattern Mix - 1

So the next time you find yourself in a total rush, thinking "I have nothing to wear" and you really don't have time to feel that way...think black and white! It's easy, effortless, slimming, always looks chic, and matches virtually everything. Mix bold black and white patterns if you don't want to look boring or add one solid pop color in an accessory to accent the look, such as a bright yellow coat or burgundy boots.

Here are some of my favorite black and white pieces right now...

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