Hey there boss babe readers! If you're tuning in, that means you put your boss hat on and read along with me as we drove right into the October Boss Babe Book Club read: Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar. Lisa Sugar is the founder and CEO of pop culture media force, POPSUGAR.

And in an even more exciting twist, this month I partnered up with  Creative Chics as part of the boss babe book club. They are an amazing group of ladies out there killing it, supporting each other, and providing both budding boss babes and experienced girlbosses with some amazing resources and networking opportunities. If you joined in this month through the Creative Chics network, an extra big welcome to you! I'm so excited to dive right into the Power Your Happy discussion.

I was particularly excited to dive into Power Your Happy as a longtime fan and reader of POPSUGAR, Lisa's first and main business. I've always wondered about this woman who turned what was essentially a celebrity and pop culture blog into 10 large media sites, a subscription box, ShopStyle, and more (including a book!). I she secretly Superwoman with fabulous curly hair?

It turns out, like many of us, Lisa was your typical boss babe in that she had drive, passion, and a determination to do something she absolutely loved. And once she found it, writing her own celebrity and pop culture blog, there was no stopping her. She emphasizes in her book again and again the importance of turning something you love into a career. That's where, she says, the desire to work, push yourself, and devote yourself to what you're doing comes from. When you love it, you just want to do it. Yes, it's hard work, but that just makes you love it even more.

What I loved most about Power Your Happy was the practical advice she gave for completely different stages in your business. There are a lot of books out there about starting a company, leaving your job, and going out on your own. But not many of them talk practically about what comes next. When do I hire someone? How do I hire them? What should I be looking for? When is it time for investors? How do I create a company culture that I love, but is also productive? Whew! Can you tell I've been thinking about these kinds of questions A LOT lately? Lisa dives into all these topics in Power Your Happy, and boy was I glad! If you're looking for some practical advice on how to expand your business to more than just numero this book!

One of the best parts of Power Your Happy was her chapter on finding your support system and networking. She talks about how just as important it is to have a work support system as it is to have a personal one (i.e. friends, romantic relationships). She says, "finding your professional support system is a major part of finding a job you love", and I thought YES! That's so true! And especially relevant this month since I partnered with Creative Chics for this post. When you're like me, and you're mainly the only person you work with, it can be hard. I don't have any co-workers for Trendy Sparrow, but I do have a killer business partner, Kat, for XO Marshmallow! And I worry about talking about my business to my boyfriend, Drew, too much (although he swears he loves hearing all of it!) So I'm so fortunate that I have an amazing network of boss ladies at Creative Chics who are so supportive and helpful when it comes to my business. They are my totally kick ass professional support system! And if you don't have one, GET ONE! Lisa is so right...they are critical to loving what you do!


Jump in on the Power Your Happy discussion! What did you think of the book? What did you love most? What do you wish was a little better or covered more? Would you recommend it to a friend? I'd love to hear all that you have to say over in the comments section!

And if you loved me Power Your Happy discussion, just wait until you see what's up next! Tune into the blog on Monday, November 7th for the November book announcement.

Don't forget to tag pictures of you participating in the boss babe book club on Instagram using the hashtag #bossbabebookclub and #readlikeaboss! This month we are doing a special contest! Everyone who tags a photo using the hashtag #bossbabebookclub will be entered into a drawing to win the next month's book FREE!

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by thecreativechics

Thank you for having us as part of your book discussion this month!! We love reading about smart business women and learning together. Can’t wait for next month’s selection!! xo, Melissa