Hey everyone! Love those amazing giant floppy sun hats with the text on them?? Don't want to spent $60+ on one?? That's okay! We are showing you how to DIY your own text covered floppy hat for under $20 over on our YouTube channel today! I created a hat the says "out of office", but it's really easy to create your own amazing phrase! I even made an extra one that says "yes way rose"! Get creative!

Head on over to find out how!

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Floppy Hat // Sequin & Pom Pom Ribbon (Hobby Lobby) // Fabric Glue (Michaels)

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2 THOUGHTS ON “How to DIY your own text covered floppy hat”

by lindzi

Yay! You’ll have to show me once you’ve finished!

by Windy City Smokeout + Lately - Engineering In Style

[…] Definitely going to DIY one of these hats. […]