It might technically be fall, but the weather refuses to cooperate. Trust me, in September I'd rather be in a chunky scarf and some killer boots...but instead I'm still rocking the florals. I'm not one of those super cool bloggers who can stand there rocking a baggy sweater and over the knee boots in 85 degree weather....because TMI...I sweat! And as much as I love blogging and fashion, this girl has GOT to be comfortable. Anyone else with me? So today it's all about the lace top and floral pants.

Lace top and floral pants - 4 Lace top and floral pants - 11 Lace top and floral pants - 7

Anyway, I wanted to try to add a little bit of fall to my favorite floral pants by adding in some more fall inspired colors and silhouettes with my red scalloped top. This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet because it's so feminine and simple. Lord knows I could use more simple pieces in my closet. I mean...I'm wearing floral pants for goodness sakes. The red color and longer sleeves help transition this look into fall. Even though it's a more colorful "fall"...

Lace top and floral pants - 1Lace top and floral pants - 3

Even though I make jokes about my lack of simple closet pieces (seriously...everything I own is like in-your-face statement piece), these floral pants are one of my favorites. I unfortunately can't link them for you because I bought them last summer from Anthropologie and can't seem to find them anywhere else. I did link a few similar floral pants at the bottom of this post though because even in the can find some killer floral pants. Oh and my blue shoes...yeah, those are old too. I know, I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm sure you're thinking, does this girl where anything new? Well...more on that later!

Lace top and floral pants - 5 Lace top and floral pants - 10 Lace top and floral pants - 2

So even though it's September, sometimes a girl just has to rock a lace top and floral pants...mainly it's because it's about a thousand degrees outside and Chicago's humidity level is unreal these days. And like a normal girl, I get hot and sweaty and gross (and now you know too much about me). Someone asked me the other day at an even to describe "Chicago fashion", and I used the words "sophisticated comfortable" because they Chicago girl dresses for what the weather is like THAT DAY and not based on what season it is. Based on today's look, I'd say that's pretty accurate. But don't fret, you'll see my truly fall looks soon.

Lace top and floral pants - 9

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