It's a week of brand new experiences over here at The Trendy Sparrow. Heck, it's a whole summer of them! I hired 3 new interns for this summer to help with all of the craziness and growth of the business and I wanted all of you to get to "meet" them. I'm truly thrilled with my selections. They are all such hardworking, motivated #girlbosses who help keep the creative juices flowing daily over in the studio. I'm hoping we end up having some fabulous moments and heart to hearts...maybe recreating scenes from The Intern? Although, I don't know how they would feel about pretending to be Robert DiNero. I had them each write up a little bit about themselves in addition to a small write up about a topic of their choice. So, without further ado, let's meet the interns...

Miranda The Trendy Sparrow Summer 2016 Intern

Miranda Pollitt - Store Operations Intern

Favorite TTS Product: Anything Blair Waldorf related

My name is Miranda and I am the Store Operations intern for the summer! Blair Waldorf is my ultimate sprit animal. To say I am a Gossip Girl fan is an understatement. When it comes to my personal style, I am a very classic and preppy girl. I love bright colors, bold prints, and I believe accessories are always a great idea. You can usually always find me wearing something from J Crew or Lilly Pulitzer. I am a senior at Iowa State University majoring in apparel merchandising and public relations. At Iowa State I am involved in my sorority Pi Beta Phi along with being co-editor in chief of my campus fashion magazine Trend. Along with being a student I run my own personal fashion and lifestyle blog As long as I can remember I have been interested in fashion. From sewing, illustrating, and styling fashion has always been a part of my life. I first created my blog as a way to express my interest and love of all things fashion. Now as a senior in college it has evolved into fashion, lifestyle, and college related topics. Today, I am combining my love of fashion into a future career by majoring in apparel and PR. As a The Trendy Sparrow intern I hope to bring my love of fashion into the shop by creating lookbooks and much more! Julia The Trendy Sparrow Summer 2016 Intern

Julia Addis - Blog / Social Media Intern

Favorite TTS Product: "I didn't choose the brunch life" tee

My name is Julia Addis and I will be one of the social media and blogging interns for Lindzi this summer! I am a rising junior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign studying advertising and PR. I am obsessed with fashion, design, and social media so I am very excited to learn from Lindzi this summer. At school, I am the apparel chair for my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. I am also the event coordinator for Her Campus, an online magazine targeted towards collegiate woman. Aside from working at The Trendy Sparrow this summer, I am also a sales associate at Nordstrom. As I mentioned before, I am passionate about both fashion and retail so I am very eager to dive into both experiences and learn as much as I possibly can. I love to write, to be creative, and to think out of the box. When I’m not posting on social media, shopping, or hanging out with my friends you can find me eating gluten free food, binge watching Netflix, or most commonly… taking a nap! My favorite thing about The Trendy Sparrow aside from the graphic tees and mugs would have to be the blog! I am huge writer and love to catch up on all of Lindzi’s lifestyle tips and fashion advice. I hope that with my strong work ethic and creative mentality, I can assist Lindzi in both writing and social media to help make The Trendy Sparrow better than ever! My biggest project for the summer is going to be planning an event or pop up shop for The Trendy Sparrow at the end of the summer. Keep an eye out for more information on this amazing event because it will surely be something that you don’t want to miss! Jorie The Trendy Sparrow Summer 2016 Intern

Jorie Smith - Social Media / Vlog Intern

Favorite TTS Product: Fueled by Coffee and Fashion Coffee Mug

Hello world! My name is Jorie Smith. I am 20 years young, and I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. This fall I will be a junior studying Public Communication at Ball State University. I have a strong appreciation for nature and it’s wonders, though I do not spend enough time outside because of my constant Netflix companion. I have always admired film and video creators since I am regularly exposed to so many different forms of media. Even more so, I believe that YouTube is one of the most up and coming platforms that anyone could utilize to share their content. It is because YouTube is a hub for multiple genres of video creation, ranging from daily vlogs to DIY home repairs, which really attracts a variety of viewers. There is a sense of an interactional level that is conveyed through video since the creators can use their own physical presence as well as vocal audio to connect with viewers on a more personal measure. This allows for greater interest with one’s published content as the viewer can truly see the face and voice behind the keyboard. And I am truly convinced that this is the most important aspect that every online persona needs to take advantage of. I am very excited to have this opportunity to work with The Trendy Sparrow brand. I’ll be providing my assistance wherever it may be needed and cannot wait to see what we can all accomplish together as a community. Looking forward to the many experiences that will be made in the following months! Thank You! The Trendy Sparrow Logo Signature

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by Susan Reingold

Love following TTS! Absolutely awe inspiring to see how you are making these interns into boss ladies!!
Can’t wait for Pop Up!!