Hey there, 2017 readers! It's so fabulous to see you! It's crazy how fast 2016 flew by. Am I right? And it's insane the number of things that happened in 2016! We won't talk about the political and such, but rather I'd like to share with you all what went on with me, my companies, and my family in 2016 (I know, totally selfish right?) before sharing my thoughts and goals for the new year!

So 2016...whew! Let's see, I got engaged. Drew and I bought our first home together. I co-founded a second company called XO Marshmallow, and got together with 7 amazing friends to create the Boss Babe Popup Shop (a collective popup completely run by local, female-ran companies). My future niece was born, and I got to know my future in-laws and family so much more. The Trendy Sparrow is thriving and growing, and I pretty much bombed being a blogger towards the end of 2016 (for more see: Why I've been a terrible blogger). All in all, I'd say 2016 blessed me in ways I never even imagined, and for that I am forever grateful. Especially when it comes to my personally life, it's going to be pretty hard for 2017 to top this past year...but you know what? I'm going to try!

So with that positivity and go-getter attitude in mind, I'm thrilled to share with you my goals and wishes for 2017. Since I am juggling many, many things and it really helps me to write things down, I'm going to share with you my goals across 4 different fronts: personal, The Trendy Sparrow, Xo Marshmallow, and the Boss Babe Popup Shop.


Personal Goals

  1. Make more time for my family, friends, and especially for Drew.
  2. Find our "second" home and make it ours (ps...they are trying to sell our building)
  3. Begin planning my wedding and set budgetary goals since we are paying for it ourselves
  4. Work out and eat better -- not to lose weight, but to live a healthier lifestyle that creates better mental focus and clarity
  5. Scrapbook a lot more. This is something I used to do ALL the time, and over Christmas I realized how far behind I've gotten and more importantly how much I absolutely missed it.

The Trendy Sparrow Goals

  1. Blog a heck of a lot more. Seriously you guys, I got REALLY bad about it towards the end. It's important that I make time to blog because not only is it good for the store, but it's something that I truly and deeply enjoy doing. You all like reading it, right?
  2. Expand Trendy Sparrow product line, explore options for new products to create a better, well-rounded store. Anything you'd all like to see in the shop?
  3. Continue with look book shoots
  4. Host a large Trendy Sparrow party
  5. Clean up and organize my office (to the extreme) and potentially set up part of my office as a showroom.
  6. Increase wholesale accounts and work to get Trendy Sparrow into more shops. Any takers?

Xo Marshmallow Goals

  1. Expand XO Marshmallow into a grocery store. Start local and work our way into the midwest region.
  2. Create a new XO Marshmallow website that makes ordering easier.
  3. Focus on social media and grow our presence online.
  4. Work with bloggers to create amazing content and partnerships.
  5. Focus on XO Marshmallow recipe blog to give customers awesome ideas for how to eat their delicious new treats.

Boss Babe Popup Shop Goals

  1. Create BBPU website and potentially find new product to add to the store online
  2. Make the shop last as long as possible - preferably through 2017!
  3. Offer "mini-popups" over weekends
  4. Possibly expand the Boss Babe Popup to other cities outside of Chicago with their local, female-run companies.
  5. Make the BBPU a Chicago destination.


Well my darlings, there you have it. Those are my 2017 goals. I know some people might go into more depth with less goals, but that's just not me. I'm a list maker, and I always have been. I'm a perpetual user of the bullet point. That's how I make my goals work for me and how I understand them best. I hope that whatever your goals are for 2017 that you make them work for you and try your hardest to get them accomplished!

Remember, it's important to celebrate when you've checked something off your list. I like to treat myself with a much needed massage or facial. What do you do to celebrate your goals?

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