You've probably already seen on Instagram/Snapchat, but a couple months ago I was finally able to move into a new office. Like...a real office! As in...not in my house! YAS! Since taking on Trendy Sparrow full time in the summer of 2014, I've been running this amazing company out of my home (especially when I was just on Etsy). I went from a studio, to a 1 bedroom, to a 2 bedroom, to finally getting a full blown office. It's a strange feeling walking through my house without tripping on at least one giant stack of boxes. Weird.

This transition is in HUGE part to all of you reading right now and those of you placing orders to help make this crazy dream of mine come to. To each and every one of you, THANK YOU! I seriously can't thank you enough for your support! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wanted to give you a peek into the office before everything gets all set up. Luckily, it already looks better than it does below...when everything was all in boxes. That's how it was in my home...boxes and boxes and boxes. That's the only way we could fit everything. Now I actually get to unpack all of the boxes and oh...see what's inside of them! BANANAS! This is the real office before...way before. But here you can see all of the details of the office that I really love (other than having space!) such as the exposed wooden beams, skylights, and light hardwood floors.

New Office Before - 2

But in today's YouTube channel, I give you all a full office before tour! A few things are set up already here, but it is still in the very early stages. If I'm being honest, it still has a long way to go in terms of setting things up! Click the video below to see the entire tour of my office before I start decorating it and making it look all pretty!

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