One of my favorite trends for fall right now is colorful moto jackets. Having a classic motorcycle jacket is a hands down closet staple that everyone should own, but I love that in the past couple of seasons we've seen colorful biker jackets start to become a trend. I love the idea of adding a bold pop of color through a classic piece in order to give a traditional look a more whimsical style.

Check out some of my favorite colorful moto jackets!

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I personally own a Burgundy moto jacket and a blush pink moto jacket that I purchased last season right when this trend started to look like it might be something. Now I am dying to get my hands one some of the bolder colors like yellow or green. The best part of this trend is that I don't feel like they would need explaining when it comes to the question "what do I wear with this?" because the answer is pretty straight forward.... what you'd normally wear with a motorcycle jacket!

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Moto jackets and biker jackets have been such staple pieces in the world of fashion for so long that most people know how to rock them. The difference is that while most classic black moto jackets can make you look edgy, chic, and a little more rock-n-roll...a colorful moto jacket can make a look feel playful and whimsical while still wearing a chic piece. Don't worry, you can still look rocker in a colorful jacket, too. That's often how I rock my burgundy one.


Photo credit: Gal Meets Glam

If you're nervous I'd recommend starting with a jacket that is still colorful, but closer to neutral. For example, burgundy, blush, or even a light tan could be the way to go before trying out a bolder color like pink or baby blue. Personally, I'm ready to get my hands on every colorful moto jacket I can find, mainly because I feel like the outfit combinations are endless! Even though they are colorful, I think a bright biker jacket could be a closet staple as long as it fits well and is well made. For me, that's the key to a classic moto jacket, fit and feel, rather than the classic black color.

So have I convinced you?? Are you going to be trying out the colorful moto jacket trend anytime soon?

If so, what color?


Photo credit: Musings of a Curvy Lady

Check out some of my favorite colorful moto jackets!

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