Hey loves! Remember that sneak peek I gave you of the Last Chance Nordstrom Rack store a couple weeks ago on Snapchat? You ladies did an amazing job of helping me sort through my GIANT pile of amazing designer finds (you all voted YES to this black and white dress), and I'm super excited to get to share with you what I bought (and that killer price tag). But the main questions you all had on Snapchat were "What the heck is Last Chance Nordstrom Rack? And how the heck do I get there?!"  Luckily for you, I've got the answers!

Last Chance Nordstrom Rack is a new store concept from the Nordstrom company. It's a great place to find amazing designer brands (including clothing, bags, jewelry, and shoes) at simply unmissable prices! Let's put it this way...I found a pair of brand NEW Jimmy Choo heels for $90. It took everything I had in me not to buy them because like most of these amazing finds, I knew they wouldn't be there next time I came back. I was on a mission for new fall clothing though, so those babies were destined to be on somebody else's feet.

But those shoes don't even begin to describe the thrill of hunting for those designer pieces at seriously amazing prices. And Last Chance Nordstrom Rack knows you're going to love it. The proof? The carts. The Chicagoland area Last Chance is located in Yorktown Center, and I was stoked to get to go on the grand opening, October 20th 2016!! When you walk in there are these really intense looking shopping carts. They have giant clothing rack like holders on them. Intense. I didn't get one at first because I thought "nope...that seems dangerous" because with nothing to weight me down...I would have been unstoppable! Wrong move. Let's just say my arms were sore for 3 days from the weight of everything I carried to the dressing room. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. So when you go...just grab the cart, okay? Your arms will thank you.

Here's a look at my 3 favorite pieces from my adventure!

last-chance-black-and-white-dress-6 last-chance-black-and-white-dress-3

You know the one that got away? That was this black and white scalloped CeCe by Cynthia Steffe dress for me this summer. During the Nordstrom anniversary fall sale, it kept slipping through my cart. I'd be loading up on other items only to back to my cart to see that someone snagged the last in my size. This happened to me 3 times during that sale. Geez! So imagine my sheer and utter delight when I saw this fabulous dress in my size for under $20 (retails at $150). I about lost it! It was the first thing I added to my cart arms and set the tone for the remainder of the shopping experience! I've already gotten so many compliments on it, and even used it as part of my very last minute Halloween costume: super chic, 2016 Wednesday Addams.

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last-chance-black-and-white-dress-4 last-chance-black-and-white-dress-5

But for me, the Holy Grail of finds goes to these black and gold classic Tory Burch ballet flats for under $35 (retails at $225). Brand new. Flawless. Perfection. I practically walked out of the store in them! I've wanted a pair of these flats for years, but I never felt like I could justify the price. But once I saw the ones at Last Chance Nordstrom Rack I knew they had to be mine. I mean, it's a sign right??

You'll probably notice that the tag on them says "AS - IS, NON - RETURNABLE". You'll find that tag on EVERYTHING at Last Chance Nordstrom Rack so 100% make sure you want it because you're keeping it. Double check everything. Make sure it zips and is in great condition because if you miss something, you're still keeping it. Similarly, if it's missing a price tag, you're not taking it home. I found a fabulous French Connection dress that was neon and I was dying to have it. No price tag. Turns out, if it doesn't have a price tag, it has to come off of the sales floor for retagging; which can take about 3 days. So I wasn't able to get that dress, but all of the other amazing finds totally made up for it!

last-chance-black-and-white-dress-7 last-chance-floral-dress-1

I also left with this adorable floral, blush shift dress from CeCe by Cynthia Steffe (can you tell I love her style?!) for again...under $20! My second company, XO Marshmallow, has been going to a lot of events lately to promote our delicious marshmallows. Our main colors are different shades of pink, so this dress was absolutely PERFECT for snag up for various events. I paired it with one of my favorite pairs of over-the-knee boots and transitioned this spring dress straight into fall.

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last-chance-floral-dress-7 last-chance-floral-dress-3 last-chance-floral-dress-5

Overall, shopping at Last Chance Nordstrom Rack at Yorktown Center was an absolute delight! I was able to get so many designer items and I spent less than $200! Seriously! I walked out with more things than I could carry, and spent less money that those Tory Burch flats retail for! And staying true to the Nordstrom Rack family, the store felt high-end and a wonderful place to shop! Here is everything I bought (again, I spent less than $200):

Tory Burch flats // Ella Moss Jacket // A pink tweed jacket // 2 CeCe dresses // 2 Topshop sweaters

// A tweed skirt // 2 more dresses // A striped blouse

last-chance-floral-dress-2 last-chance-floral-dress-6

I snagged all of my items at the Last Chance Nordstrom Rack at Yorktown Center, located just a little outside of the city of Chicago. So close! YES! If you end up stopping by for a shopping spree, look around for the sassy redhead a full cart and a determined look in her eye...because I will probably be there!

But don't worry, Chicago is not alone when it comes to this fabulous new shopping experience! You can find the Last Chance nearest to you here. And don't forget to use a cart!


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