A couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at the Loews Hotel in Rosemont (the O'hare location) to experience a brand new package they are offering: "The Girlfriends Guide to Getting Away". This package is catered for gal pals who are just looking for a little away time (or like we did...a fabulous staycation). Either way, it's a package completely dedicated to enjoying a fabulous time with your BFF.

I explored the hotel package with my business partner for my second business, XO Marshmallow, Kathryn. We are always working so hard to grow our business that sometimes it feels like that's all we talk about. This wonderful Loews stay was intended to truly be a work allowed! Besides, when the package includes complimentary champagne service, gift cards to the outlet mall, and free brunch at the Ashburn...who would want to discuss work?!


The trip started off perfectly with complimentary champagne service in our room. We split a bottle of champagne (complimentary) and ordered a delicious charcuterie board for ourselves (we paid). It was the perfect way to begin our trip and unwind. When we arrived, we were given tote bags for the outlet mall located directly behind the hotel.


When we explored the totes, we found a $50 gift card to the mall as part of our package, plus an exclusive saving card that allowed us to get even bigger discounts at the mall. After our champagne, we walked over to do some shopping! And shop, we did! I left with a couple of pairs of much needed new Joe's Jeans and Kat scored some amazing smelling candles.


After a day of shopping, we stopped by the Traveller Bar in the lobby. This fabulous bar moves to a new Loews hotel each month and strive to honor the classic art of cocktail making! The bar only serves certain cocktails that are some of the world's first drinks. They can be traced back to extremely old books with the original recipes (they even have copies of the books at the bar!) It was the perfect way to sip a fabulous drink and learn a little bit of history at the same time. It's an ode to the roaring 20s style of cocktail making, and if you know me at all, you know I'm a jazz age girl all the way!

We spent the evening listening to some live jazz at the hotel by Smooth Jazz Chicago, and chatted with the amazing traveller bar bartender, Charlie, who let us know more about the hotel. The first floor of the hotel actually serves as an art gallery for local artists, and we walked around looking at all of the beautiful pieces. We explored the entertainment district right by the hotel and even had a cocktail at Sugar Fixe...a candy store! It was a candy store with a bar! Need I say more?! Our day was jam packed with fun, relaxing treats. And the best part? Work was the furthest thing from our mind.


The next morning we woke up slowly and just took a little time to relax. I'm a sucker for a cozy bathrobe and it took everything I had not to take this one with me. It was so stinking soft! The beautiful chaise lounge right by the window made it easy to sip my morning coffee while looking out at a view of so much green with the Chicago skyline in the background. It was perfect.


Finally, the trip ended with my favorite meal of the day...BRUNCH! Brunch for two at the hotel restaurant, The Ashburn, is complimentary as part of the girlfriends package. We were so spoiled by all of the insanely delicious food and overflowing mimosas that I swear I never wanted to leave. I just wanted to eat there everyday. Seriously.

Overall, it was a fabulous trip and one that I would highly recommend to any gal pals looking to getaway. It's even the perfect staycation if you're just looking for a little bit of a break like we were. Thank you, Loews, it was truly a wonderful stay! I can't wait to come back again!

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