Chicago winters can be rough, especially on my skin and hair. They get so dry and flaky. Keeping my skin and hair moisturized and healthy throughout the entire winter season can be rough and expensive and can take up a lot of time. Yuck. Luckily I found the only two products my winter beauty routine needs to keep both my hair and skin healthy all winter long! And they are inexpensive and cruelty-free (just say no to products that test on animals, please) You just can't beat that!

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The first is my Sine Qua Non Everything Oil. I can't even begin to emphasize enough how good this stuff smells. If I'm being honest, I'd probably use it just for the smell alone, but it works amazingly as well! The everything oil is a moisturizing essential oil that can be used on...everything! Well not everything (I wouldn't go putting it in your car anytime soon). But it's for both your skin and hair.

You can add it to your hair to give it a little extra shine and moisture throughout the day without going through the process of washing it. Or you can apply it directly to your skin to create a luxurious, soft and amazing smelling body! I personally use it on my hands two or three times a day. I use it so often because I'm constantly on the move during the day and I'm exposed to the elements when bopping from place to place. I also am around marshmallow alot (duh), and that constant hand-washing can really dry out my skin. After I apply it to my hands in the morning, I run my fingers through my hair and that's the only time I add it to my hair. If I did more than that, my hair would just get really oily.

The Everything Oil has lavender, sunflower oil, raspberry, and all of these amazing smells that are also designed to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Even Drew keep commenting on how soft my skin is lately (oh and the smell...he loves it as much as I do!). And the best part is the SQN Everything Oil is handmade here in Chicago by my favorite guessed it... Sine Qua Non. That's how I know for a fact that the everything oil is all natural and cruelty free. Plus it's made by a female-run small business!

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Now that I've covered my skin (with Everything Oil), let's talk hair! When it comes to my winter beauty routine, my number one go-to hair product is R+Co's High Dive. It's a moisturizing (theme of the day) cream that you add to your hair after you wash it, before you blow dry. The High Dive keeps my hair from becoming brittle in this frigid Chicago cold. I'm really bad about going to get my hair cut as often as I should because of my busy routine. The High Dive helps prevent split ends longer by keeping my hair strong, moisturized, and healthy all winter long. I simply add a dime sized amount to my hand and run my fingers through my hair before turing on the blow dryer (It's hard to air dry in the winter when it's SO cold! All the more reason moisturizing is important!). Plus it's all natural and cruelty free.

So if you're like me and in a cold environment (or a dry one) and you're too busy for a rigorous, time consuming winter beauty routine, look no further than the Sine Qua Non Everything Oil and R+Co's High Dive to keep your skin and hair happy and healthy all winter long!

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