*** This is a guest blog post from one of our interns, Julia...

This has definitely been a summer of full of firsts for me. This was my first summer not being a camper or a counselor in 15 years. During the summer, I am used to having the same routine week by week, swimming, playing with kids, and doing fun things with my friends after the camp day ended. This was different than any summer I have ever experienced. I had my first internship, while also working a retail job. Because of my hectic schedule, I work nearly every single day of the week. While I absolutely have loved my time at both The Trendy Sparrow and Nordstrom, there were definitely things that I would have loved to do, but never got around to, simply because there are just not enough hours in the day.

Because of this, the idea of a FABULOUS summer bucket list populated in my head. As my friends and I have matured and taken on our first internships, we have truly learned the meaning of the saying, “summer goes by in the blink of an eye.” I chose these select 11 things to put on the FABULOUS summer bucket list because it incorporates being together with friends, relaxing, going on adventures, and trying new things… what summer really is all about!

Summer Bucket List-1

I chose to put bottomless brunch as number 1 because is it the perfect summer outing. It gives you time to have fun, enjoy good food and good booze, while being with your girlfriends all at once! I also added “go to all the roof top bars you’ve been wanting to try” because Chicago, as well as other cities across the US have rooftop bars with amazing views, and it is something that I have always wanted to do. Next, I added to watch Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls like there is no tomorrow, because what Trendy Sparrow girl doesn’t LOVE some quality time with Chuck and Blair or Lorelei and Rory? I also made note to document everything on social media. The Trendy Sparrow girl is always posting and sharing about her glamorous and fabulous life so be sure to show everyone what amazing things you have been up to! Next, I added to go kayaking, be adventurous and to try something new! Every Trendy Sparrow girl needs to get out of their comfort zone and do something this summer that they have never done before! I also added to go to a concert, relax at the beach, and last but not least, spend time with your friends and family! The Trendy Sparrow girl loves getting her tan on, listening to good music, and of course seeing the people she cares about most! The older you get, the busier you get. Whether your summer is filled with an internship, a summer job, travel, or anything else, it is so important that you get a chance to do everything on your bucket list before summer comes to a close. After all, life is short so print out this bucket list and follow these steps to ensure your summer is nothing short of fabulous!

Click here to download your own: Summer Bucket List printable!

Summer Bucket List Graphic Julia Hi everyone! My name is Julia Addis and I am a rising junior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I am studying advertising and PR. I absolutely LOVE fashion, writing, and of course summer (my favorite season) which ultimately prompted me to write this post. I hope you guys find this bucket list just as helpful as I have, and I hope all of the readers are having the best summer ever!