When you're both a fashion blogger and a clothing store owner, it makes sense that you'd have quite a few clothes. But like many of you, I've found myself in a situation where my amazing clothes needed to be hand-washed or laid out to dry. The problem? That made them dry all wrinkly! Nobody wants to wear wrinkly clothes. For a while, I had a problem where these clothes just weren't getting worn. I'd bring them home from the store, wear them once, wash them, and be stuck with a wrinkly mess. What's a girl to do when half my closet is unwearable?! Cue the SteamOne steamer!

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I'm so excited that my friends over at SteamOne and Simply Stylist introduced me to this amazing steamer! Not only am I able to get all of the nasty wrinkles out of my clothes, but I also feel like I've gotten half of my closet back! I can now wear and re-wear so many of those delicate pieces that have to be gently hand washed.

Plus, it's helped so much with getting things photo shoot ready for my online boutique. I can quickly get new things out of their packages, steamed, and ready to be in front of the camera in minutes rather than having to wait hours for them to be presentable by laying them flat.

My favorite thing about the steamer is the fabric setting. I was worried about using a steamer on something delicate like silk, but was thrilled to see that the SteamOne garment cleaner offers a variety of heat settings so that your garment doesn't get ruined (ain't nobody got time for that!)

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Needless to say, I'm pretty hooked on the SteamOne garment steamer. It's easily become the new hero of my closet and makes me feel like I've gained my closet back!

I'm so excited to be attending the Simply Stylist conference in Chicago this weekend because I will get to connect with more like minded style and beauty obsessed ladies and companies like SteamOne. Stay tuned to see more about my day at the Simply Stylist conference!

Click here for more about SteamOne and Simply Stylist

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