To say that I work a lot is a bit of an understatement. As many of you know, I run The Trendy Sparrow store full time. I co-own another blossoming company called XO Marshmallow. Then I decided (because I don't work enough) that I would tackle the Boss Babe Popup Shop; a collective popup shop in downtown Chicago featuring 8 female ran companies (including Trendy Sparrow and XO Marshmallow) for the holiday season. But I'm also a blogger -- a bad blogger.

Tackling all of this means that something is bound to give, and for me that has been my blog. I'm never comfortable with just throwing up half baked blog posts with shoddy photos and surface-level material, meaning my posts take time. If you don't run a blog, you may not realize the intense amount of time that goes into it. Scheduling, planning, photographing, editing, formatting, and creating the copy...and all of that is without sponsorships. Throw in those and you have a whole additional level to deal with including gaining sponsorships and coordinating with those companies about your posts. Then once the content is go into share mode (social media, newsletters, etc.). There is a reason many bloggers have found themselves making it their full time career -- it takes about that much time.

If it sounds like I'm complaining, please let me take a step back and say that I'm not. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. Trust me, I wouldn't do it if I didn't (I'm totally stubborn like that), and even though I'm exhausted most of the time I wouldn't trade my companies or the joy I get from running them even if it meant I could get 9 hours of sleep a night! I don't even mean to make it sound like I'm making excuses about the fact that I haven't blogged since November 9th. For me, this post is more about taking the time to realize that you can't and shouldn't have to do it all. And that it's OKAY to not be perfect all the time or to not be the BEST at everything. If I didn't cut myself some slack every now and then, then I'm afraid that I'd get to a point where I didn't love what I do anymore -- and that's a non negotiable for me.

I recently heard a podcast where a woman was talking about how we as women now wear the badge of tired as a medal. By that she means we actually spend time boasting about being tired as if it's a way to show we are better than someone else. If we're tired, that means we are working hard, and if we are working hard then we are #girlbosses and slaying, etc. I'm all for being a girlboss. Heck, check my products if you don't believe me. I love being a boss lady. I love the thrill of figuring out a new problem and the absolute joys of being successful. I know what's its like to LOVE my job and that's a rare thing. But I also know the concept of being tired all too well...if it really was a competition, I bet I'd be at the top of the heat. Being tired is just part of the nature of entrepreneurship, but I draw the line at wearing it like a badge of honor.

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We, especially as women, need to understand that it's okay if we aren't Wonder Woman. If you're like me and currently juggling two businesses (and now kind of a a blog), it's okay to let something slip from time to time. In fact, know that something IS going to slip. It's just going to happen. The difference we need to make is letting ourselves know that it's OKAY. I had to realize that my life is Gwen Stefani style B-A-N-A-N-A-S right now and that I can't beat myself up over the fact that a blog post didn't get written. Be kind to yourself, and make time for more than just your business.

I know there are many of you out there that are struggling to run a company, or work a full time job, or work and have a side hustle...all while having kids. And I applaud you! Because as crazy and as busy as I get, I don't have the extra weight of a kid (or two) to take even more of my time. I have a dog and a wonderful fiancee instead. But my point is, don't just be kind to yourself, be kind to them. Take time to love on your family; your business will still be there. I feel like we are in this catch 22 where we feel like if we are spending time with our family then we are neglecting our companies (and therefore feel bad), but if we are spending too much time with our business then we are neglecting our family (and therefore feel bad). And after all of this hard work, we just end up feeling a little bit bad. I know that was a little long winded, but my point is to be kind to yourself and let yourself be human. For many people, that means spending time with the ones you love.

If I'm being perfectly honest, I could have maaaaaybe forced myself to get some blog posts written by staying home every night or going to bed much later. But I recently got engaged at the end of November (more on that to come), and wanted to be able to spend time with my new soon to be husband. I wanted us to be able to enjoy this glorious little bubble we are in right now where we are on the cusp of starting our lives together because we will only be in this little bubble once. I sacrificed my blog posts for spending a little extra time with him and making sure I got a decent night's sleep (for me that's about 6 hours). And you know what? It was totally worth it.


So I guess I've been a "bad" blogger lately, but I've got to say....#sorrynotsorry. Because while my blog has suffered (but will soon rise up again), I got to remind myself that mistakes are okay, that spending time with loved ones is more important that trying to make 4 companies successful, and that it is A-OKAY if I do not do it all. I'm not Wonder Woman (although I'd kill for her boots), and I think we as women deserve to be happy with imperfection. So whatever it is that is slipping right now (because you know it's something -- we all try to do SO MUCH all at once), please let it go. Don't beat yourself up over the fact that it fell through the cracks. You may not be Wonder Woman, but you are a wonderful woman; so be kind to yourself.

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You ARE so wonderful. And so loved <3

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