Lindzi Shanks - Owner & CEO

The Trendy Sparrow wasn't born overnight. Creator & owner, Lindzi Shanks, started out as a psychology major with the intent to get a PhD & become a professor. She started TTS as a side job while in college; making a little extra money in addition to her other multiple jobs. She grew TTS so much that she was able to quit all of her other side jobs and only focus on school and her Etsy store. Keeping on her original path, Lindzi gained an MA in Psychology from The University of Chicago. However, while in graduate school she felt like something was off. She noticed that she answered Etsy emails and designed new products while in class; barely listening to her professors. She could tell that her heart was in TTS, not in her planned career path. In June 2014, Lindzi made a huge leap of faith. She postponed gaining a PhD to run TTS full time. Within a year, she grew TTS to include art prints, coffee mugs, apparel, and more! Now she has no intention of ever turning back to the life she thought she was supposed to have! Lindzi now runs The Trendy Sparrow and the conjoining blog full time, building it into a fabulous empire and constantly remembering that it is more important to do what you LOVE rather than what you think you are "supposed" to do.

Who is The Trendy Sparrow?

The Trendy Sparrow girl sips champagne any day of the week. She enjoys eating macarons for breakfast. She feels just as beautiful in sweats as she does in a party dress. She dreams of Paris and wears lots of polka dots. She loves fresh flowers and every Audrey Hepburn movie. She works hard for what she has and looks fabulous doing it. She is beautiful inside and out.

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